Con arroz y Frijoles
(All  of the entrées are served with rice and beans)
1-Mariscada para Dos
Prawns, octopus, mussels,fish, crab, scallops, abalone and special sauce
3.-Piña Mixta    
Pineapple with prawns, crab, callo de hacha in a red hot sauce
4.-Bola Cora    
Fried breaded fish filled with prawns, octopus and cheese
5.-Camarones con Coco    
Fried breaded with coconut Prawns
6.-Momias de Nayarit  
Fried prawns wrapped in bacon and  cheese
 7.-Camarones en Salsa de Mango    
Prawns sauteed inmango sauce
 8.-Camarones a la Diabla
Prawns in red hot sauce Nayarit
9.-Camarones al Mojo de Ajo 
Prawns sauteed in garlic sauce
 10.-Camarones Rancheros 
Prawns in ranchero sauce
 11.-Camarones a la Cucaracha                                  Prawns  sauteed in a Chipotle sauce $15.99
12.-Camarones Empanizados
Breaded Prawns
13.-Camarones a la Plancha
Broiled Prawns
 14.-Camarones a la Valentina
Prawns in orange juice with chile
15.-Langostinos a la Plancha
Grilled prawns wtih red sauce hot sauce Nayarit
16.-Fajitas de Camaron
Prawns  fajitas
 17.-Pasta Brava 
Pasta tosed in a chile powder with prawns
18.-Quedasadilla de Camaron 
Prawns with tomatoe, onion and cilantro with cheese in flour tortilla
19.-Hamburguesa Nayarita  
Angus Beef  cheese hamburguer, prawns with  cheese and French frieds
20.-Tacos de Pescado
3 Fish Tacos
21.-Tacos de Camaron 
3 shrimp Tacos with cheese