Con arros y frijoles
(All of the entrées are served with rice and beans)
22.-Mojarra Frita
Fried Tilapia
23.-Mojarra al mojo de Ajo
Tilapia in garlic sauce
24.-Salmon a la Plancha
Salmon sauteed with special species
25.-Filete empanizado
Readed fish filet
26.-Filete al mojo de ajo
Fish filet marinated in garlic sauce
27.-Filete a la Plancha
Grilled fish filet
28.-Filete al limón
Grilled fish filet marinated in lime juice
29.-Filete a la diabla
Fish in red marinated in lime juice
30.-Filete a la cucaracha
Fish sauteed in chipotle sauce
31.-Filete a la mantequilla
Fish sauteed in butter with our special spices
32.-Filete Ranchero
Fish sauteed in tomatoe, onion and cilantro